Access for All, Upper Yarra Museum

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The aim of UYVHS is to provide access for all visitors to enjoy the Heritage of the Upper Yarra at the Upper Yarra Museum. Currently, many among the disabled, elderly or infirm cannot enjoy the UYM collection because of access shortcomings.

While the restoration of the goods ramp entrance (shown below) is in keeping with the heritage importance of the former railway station, the restored ramp would also provide suitable access for wheel chairs, prams, walkers and the physically disadvantaged as well as a safer and more convenient facility for volunteers for moving and relocating equipment and maintaining the collection.

Ramp access 1910 Yarra Junction

This photo shows the goods ramp (right) C 1910 prior to the relocation of the 1888 station building from Lilydale.

Original ramp access to the ticket office, PRO

A later view of the ramp (Courtesy, Public Records Office) providing access to the ticket office in the relocated station building. With a gradient (and other safety and support additions) in line with modern disabled (and abled ) access regulations, this is the configuration being proposed for restoration.


The platform at the station, the original ticket office entrance, the existing ramp and the platform.

New entrance to the restored ticket office

Ramp access at rear of Station

The platform at the station 3.2013

This series of photos represents:

  • the height of the platform, access to which, opens up most of the collection to be viewed and closer inspection of the heritage and historic buildings;
  • the current volunteer-installed ramp which does not meet modern access requirements;
  • the new and old sets of stairs providing access to the platform (volunteer constructed and funded);
  • Access onto the platform UYM an elderly gentleman being assisted down the front steps by family members.( Note, with the restored ramp, he would have been able to use his walker to reach the platform without risk);

Acess to toilet andcottage from station

The improved (volunteer constructed) gravel access to the railway cottage and ramp access to the single, uni-sex, permanent toilet

Steps and path to platform west

Steps and path to the west end of the platform


The infrastructure works needed prior to the ramp construction itself, include the relocation and reblocking of the two historic buildings (Powelltown Police Station and Yarra Junction lock-up) shown in this view below; clearing the site and removal of filling and two trees; rearrangement of the boundary fencing; relocation of wiring, pipes, etc; building the ramp and the retaining walls; surfacing the ramp and the entrance; installing handrails; and reconstructing the picket fence and gates.

New entrance to the ticket room

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