1888 Station

Restored ticket room and parcel office

  • ‘Crisis, Opportunity & Regeneration. The spirit of a town, state, nation’. _ Military display spanning from Boer war to WW2.
  • Yarra Junction Station display of the station early 1900s

Men’s room

  • ‘The First inhabitants, land of the Kilm’.
  • ‘Early settlement & Transport, Along the muddy tracks to the Upper Yarra’. Featuring the centenary of the Powelltown tramway 1913 – 2013
  • ‘Tracks to Gold’, featuring gold records and artefacts.

Ladies room

  • 1888 ladies waiting room, display of clothing from the period
  • The Kemp girls from Don Valley
  • Picnics and ladies treasures

The Platform

  • Display of Men’s tools
  • Lighting

Guards van

  • ‘The first Train arrives’, model of the Little Yarra and photographs and artefacts

Disused Railway Goods shed

  • Storage

Millgrove Annex


  • Featuring major events in the Upper Yarra and the Old Upper Yarra Shire Office

Children’s Room

  • Welcomed by Gladly our resident wombat with a school display, children’s toys and display of History Week and old school photos

Radio Room

  • Temporary storage.

Porters Cottage

  • 320 Gate house from the Sandringham line, it was moved to Yarra Junction station in the 1900s as station master’s residence.

Today a static displays of an era long gone including a parlour, bedroom, dining room, kitchen and bathroom. Laundry and annex WIP.

Re-located buildings

Water huts Upper Yarra Dam

  • One 2 man hut depict original living quarters
  • Shed 2 Storage WIP

Sam Knott shanty – relocated old bush hut

Powelltown Police station

Yarra Junction Lock

Display sheds

Shed 1 East

  • Timber tramway
  • Bob Logan’s garage

Shed 2 West

  • Blacksmith
  • Gold

Back Display shed

  • Farming